What’s This Blog About?

This blog functions as creative outlet, a place to share my writing and connect with readers who I hope will be moved to comment about what they experienced.  A writer doesn’t compose words in a vacuum. The creative paradigm includes the inevitable link between the writer’s words and the reader’s imagination.

I write for those who want to read about what is interesting to me in my social, political, literary, cultural and emotional worlds, past and present.

Who Am I?

The Writer at Rest

I am a journalist and writer living in South Florida, where I work commercially and artistically. My memoir, Leaving Little Havana, chosen as a finalist in the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference Book Competition for creative nonfiction, will be published in November by the Beating Windward Press. This event is a dream come true!

My writing career began in California where I earned bachelors of arts degrees in Journalism and Social Science from the University of California in Berkeley whose siren song was irresistable as a teenager. Unfortunately, the Free Speech Movement was only a memory by the time I rolled into campus.

After graduating, I went to work as a reporter for The Stockton Record newspaper. I specialized in features, personality profiles and the Mexican-American community whose members generously opened their doors and hearts to me. This I say with gratitude because the editor hired me after neighborhood leaders demanded that a Hispanic reporter be part of the Record‘s staff. The paper’s managers appeased the activists who thought they were going to get a Mexican-American reporter. Instead, they ended up with me, a Cuban-American, rare in the San Joaquin Valley.

From there,  I went to the San Francisco Chronicle, where I reported on the Nicaraguan community as well as such national stories as the People’s Temple mass suicide and the double murders of Mayor George Moscone and Commissioner Harvey Milk. After a year, I headed back home to Miami and worked for the Hollywood Sun-Tattler, where I received the Scripps-Howard News Writer of the Month Award for my reporting on the Cuban boatlift crisis.

But fame, if not fortune, beckoned in the world of broadcasting.  I worked for WPBT, WSVN, WLTV and WSCV-TV as a reporter, producer and anchor, snagging an Emmy nomination for a series on prostate cancer. I covered drug busts, kidnappings, race riots, the narcotics trafficking trial of Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, and the rape trial of William Kennedy Smith.

Along the way, I earned a Master of Arts in English Literature from the University of Miami and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Florida International University.  The classroom, an exciting place for me, transforms the mind and heart!

But that’s not all.

As a single mother with three kids (sounds like a cliche, but true) I took a side trip to earn money for music lessons, YMCA sports teams and college savings accounts. I went to work as a pharmaceutical rep for a top company during the days when managers lavished bonuses and other prizes on their sales people. Generics and rigid formularies were only an annoyance then. Many awards later, the industry collapsed in a massive upheaval of a health care system trying to survive Recession 2008.  By then, I noticed that my children had grown up, so  I veered back onto the writing road.

Interested in hiring me?

My essays and stories have appeared in Latina Magazine, Accent Miami, Upstairs at the Duroc: the Paris Workshop Journal, Vista Magazine, and Le Siecle de George Sand.

In addition to freelancing, I offer writing assistance on almost anything: college essays, master’s thesis, grants and business proposals, sales letters and other promotional materials.

As a writing coach, I conduct seminars for corporate employees who need to sharpen their grammatical and composition skills and memoir workshops for those with stories to tell.
Here is my youtube link if you want to see me and hear my voice:

Here is a link to my stories about Cuban literature on Examiner.com.

If I’ve convinced you to comment on my work, or discuss your project with me, email me at fernandezcm@bellsouth.net.

Connect with me on Linked In.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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