My life consists of plumbing the depths of the imagination, of critically thinking about social and political issues, and writing about them.

I am a voracious reader of creative nonfiction, essays, novels, stories, plays and poems, constantly searching for that obscure literary work that jumps out of an old crate in the dilapidated basement of a used bookstore.

My teaching will empower you to express yourself eloquently through the written and spoken word,  the first step in becoming active participants in the democracy in which we live. Deconstructing contemporary issues of gender, race and class, will strengthen something called identity politics which allows you to see how you fit into a world that often squashes individuality and creativity.

Teaching is my small contribution to creating a better world.

My Hopes:  Reading and writing are the basis for academic and professional success.   I hope to spark the love of reading and challenge you to become great writers. I hope that you will create an active learning community in our classroom which will be the foundation for open forums about the essays and stories you will read and write. I hope that within our community you will develop critical thinking on a variety of topics and learn to defend your views by citing solid evidence, whether you are engaged in public discourse or in expressing yourself on the page.

Teaching Strategy:  My strategy is simple: it is to get you to construct your own learning through reading, inquiring and debating. An essay, a  technical document or a short story is a malleable object that breathes. It is like a sculpture, a musical composition or a painting. It is a work of art. The artist/writer uses raw materials and creates an artifact that inspires, informs and challenges. In the process of creating writing, revising, peer editing and debating ideas, you will refine your thinking, perfect your grammar and acquire fluidity in expressing yourself.

Classes Taught: Composition, Writing about Literature, American Literature, Memoir and Personal Essays, News and Broadcast Writing, Business/Technical Writing.

Places Taught: Miami International University of Art and Design, Broward College, Miami Dade College, Palm Beach State College, University of Miami, The Florida Literary Arts Center, and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.


One comment on “Teaching

  1. Jim Whitman says:

    I too am a, as you say, a voracious reader. I cannot imagine going anyplace, being anyplace, or doing anything that will interfere with my daily fix of 1 to 2 hours of reading. I agree; I will read almost anything from classical fiction (Tolstoy, Rand, Dostoyevsky) to history of almost event, country, and any person. Love biographies of the well known to the obscure and political science, religion, music, and the rest of the list is too long.
    Reading this page make me even more determined to start writing my own book(s).

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