Whisked out of Cuba through a covert U.S. operation, eleven-year-old Sylvia survives lonely years in an American orphanage by losing herself in reading and brandishing a steak knife during dorm fights. But when her parents come to pick her up, she finds that she can’t adapt to living with her family.  She makes plans to escape, but, before she can do so, her grandmother — the only person who understands her — becomes a victim to Sylvia’s pent up rage.

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No one would ever describe soft-spoken, artistic Susana as having a violent streak. But on the night of her prom, Susana uncaps her suppressed fury when she punches the dean in the face. Did drugs and alcohol make her do it?  Her recklessness gets her expelled from an expensive Catholic school. Her boyfriend, who is partly at fault, receives a rap on the knuckles.








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The story is about a girl who moves into a mixed Cuban/Anglo neighborhood that boils not only under the merciless South Florida sun, but also with the raw emotions of ethnic tension, adolescent restlessness, family breakup, paramilitary maneuvers, child beatings and wife stabbings.

While the move is a new beginning for her troubled parents, the twelve-year-old Cuban-American – deathly afraid of burglars but harboring a heart made for freedom — revels in the open spaces of her back yard and in the privacy of a room of her own. Curious about the neighbors, anxious to make friends, and feeling a tug of womanhood in her loins, she discovers the true meaning of courage when called upon to use her father’s old gun.




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“The Button Box” tells the story of a young Miami woman who, exasperated with her obsession over an antique box she played with as a child at her great-aunt’s house in Cuba, travels back to her homeland determined to bring it to America.  But her journey is more than an attempt to possess a pretty box. Her real mission is to unify two portions of her fragmented life:  the one abruptly ruptured when her parents abandoned the island and the one she has carefully forged for herself from bits and pieces of her new American landscape.

It’s a blend of fact and fiction with a touch of magic!




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Loosely based on the life of an ex-boyfriend’s father, “Beyond” tells the story of the struggle for      economic survival and artistic fulfillment by the first Cubans to leave the island in the wake of the 1959 revolution.

The protagonist, Maximo,  a struggling toy store owner and aspiring writer, is tormented by desire for   his mistress and a longing to live the creative life.  On the evening of a small business exposition that celebrates the economic success of Cuban exiles, he fabricates a plan to escape from his humdrum life, pregnant wife and three sons. An unexpected catastrophe, however, forces him to place his plans on hold.


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